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We diagnose your design related issues

Our services start with

We want to get to know you, what your business is about and who your customers are.

We want to help refine or define your brief and requirements. We like looking at the bigger picture (Psychographics), when it’s appropriate, your short/long term strategic, holistic and business plans; exploring the interactions of your business, with your customers and in the appropriate context.

The quality of every project worked on, is based on the quality of thinking and diagnosis we do together as a team, before we start.

This could be an initial meeting, WebEx session or a conceptualisation phase spanning a few weeks, depending on the size of your project.

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Branding and Identity at Jellyhaus

Branding & Identity

With the digital disruption and revolution that’s happened, happening and ever-changing; people are their own ‘mini brands’.

The old buzzwords, really don’t work anymore, which means brands need to find new ways of communicating, to give their customers information they are pleased to hear about and receive. Brands must be straight and open in what they stand for, do and say, pause and reflect and where possible innovate with their customers.

Branding & Identity is your core business DNA.

If it’s not clearly understood within your business, how can you expect your customers to understand your story? Jellyhaus can help to define your ‘style guide’ including colours, type, imagery, tone of voice and all the additional supporting elements; ‘Brand Books’ or ‘Brand Guides’ are the first step to maintain and take ownership of your business brand story; keeping your customers reading, engaged and loyal.

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Print is definately not dead!

Print Design

Think print is dead? Think again!

Did you know 69% of consumers delete emails before opening them, and unfollow brands to get away from irrelevant content? With content delivery and marketing budgets now being measured in pixels (instant gratification, which doesn’t always deliver on ROI) it’s a fact, that using print as a marketing medium is less popular. However ‘content & context’ means that print and direct mail expands a brand story into the hands of your customers who want a physical, analogue and live interaction (deferred gratification!).

Look at how popular vinyl records are with the digital generation...

People still like to touch, to have, to own, to keepsake, to smell (yes, we still love the smell of fresh print in the morning) and reading on paper is so much easier; the image is stable and instead of emitting light (like a computer screen) the paper reflects light providing a stable reading experience. Jellyhaus can help with adverts, leaflets, booklets, brochures, handbooks, stationery, promotional ideas and anything in between.

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HTML5, web layouts and CMS

Web Design & Build

Jellyhaus supports clients in all aspects of WordPress web design and complex WordPress development.

We do more than just design and build – we add real value through strategic and creative thinking. We love designing, but recognise, design isn’t just about looking good; our design process involves graphic designers, copywriters and SEO experts. Our approach combines a deep understanding of audiences and how users will behave on a website, we design, UI and UX crafted to consider the user on every step of their visit.

We provide advanced, custom WordPress development using the latest standards within HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP & MySQL.

WordPress is at the core of our website development along with Woo Commerce for e-commerce websites; we can offer integration with payment gateways, CRMs and other API’s. Mobile responsiveness, speed, security and advanced functionality comes as standard! Whilst we favour WordPress, because it’s a state-of-the-art semantic publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability.

Jellyhaus can work with other CMS platforms

We understand every client has different needs in terms of scalability, security, support and hosting; we take an impartial approach to hosting, our preferred hosting partner is UK Fast. We work with you to find the most appropriate hosting solution, whether you want to host the site yourself, or if you would prefer us to manage hosting for you, we’ll use our extensive experience working with WordPress to help you find the best option. There are 25,000 free plugins for WordPress, however, there are still times when you can’t find the plugin to do exactly what you want; we build custom plugins to meet your exact requirements. The web is no longer just at a desk. We develop using responsive design, which ensures that your visitors get the best possible browsing experience, no matter what device they’re holding.

See a Web Design & Build example

eLearning packages for enterprise LMS systems


We can create any kind of eLearning end-to-end, for any device.

From storyboarding, to responsive eLearning, we create professional, engaging and instructionally sound content. We can style your content, design illustrations and animations, adding interactive elements to transform static content with just a few clicks. This format can be used for product demos, application simulations, soft-skills and compliance training materials, live and self-paced on-line courses, self-service videos and employee on-boarding modules. Jellyhaus and the team, can create a variety of eye-catching quizzes, add pre-test, audio responses, and remediation to quizzes.

Your eLearning modules can easily integrate with various SCORM-compliant LMS (Learning Management Systems).

We offer voiceover, can help write your scripts and configure conditional logic to achieve complex eLearning workflows; we can also customize outcomes by enabling conditional or multiple actions in an interaction and reuse these interactions or share them across modules and projects.

We’ve worked with PepsiCo to create a number of eLearning modules for Fire Risk Assessment, Process Control understanding, Food Safety and Quality modules for prevention of Listeria and Customer Service Complaint Handling; Jellyhaus can transform your content to meet varied eLearning needs of users, for a variety of uses in your business.

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Custom software solutions

Custom Software

Learning Management Systems, E-Learning Modules, Information Management Systems

We design, build and roll-out client management systems from original concept, system architecture to live launch and training which connects you with your suppliers & stakeholders and manages your brand through your supply chain. We have a perfect blend of in-house design and development with the blue-chip IT integration experience that allows us to seamlessly provide management solutions for your business on a micro or macro level.

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