About Jellyhaus

Jellyhaus is a design, digital, branding and software consultancy.

About Jellyhaus

Jellyhaus is a design, digital, branding and software consultancy.

Welcome to Jellyhaus a design, digital, branding and software consultancy based in Sherbourne, Warwickshire.

We’re a passionate and friendly team, bringing together specialist expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative culture. We love building relationships which last with our clients and the people we work with, developing ideas from original concept and then brought to life with intuitive design and code.

Helping clients build a better future for their business.

Our mixture of experience and skills includes, Jellyhaus ESP – Enterprise Software Programs – creative design UI/UX, business maturity, robust technology (custom software design & build) innovative ideas & industry insights.

‘HELLO’ from the team here and BB the office dog!   Drop us a line

We’ve grown up through the age of the internet

We apply our ideas to a broad range of disciplines

This includes digital development; website design & build projects, WordPress CMS and WooCommerce E-Commerce, SEO, intranet styling and fully customised management systems. We’re not just all about digital, we also love creating, designing, producing, sourcing and implementing any type of communications, from brand and campaign strategy, identity, literature such as brochures, corporate guidelines, animations, elearning and training materials, direct mail, illustrations, department presentations, advertising, creative and trend workshops; all fit for purpose and matched to your objectives for delivery.

The Jellyhaus team have a breadth of experience in varied industry sectors

We work on a wide range of projects, for respected clients who include; PepsiCo, Walkers Snacks, ALDI, Great Bear, Fuel Learning, Jolly Good Socks, Zest Projects, UBM Group, Life Charity, Wool Classics, Creature London & Scarborough Fair Festival, Pony Club UK.

We can’t name everyone here, it’s starting to sound like an Oscar speech! However, for a good look over our project work,

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We have a mixture of raw skills and invaluable experience

We're design scientists

We like trend research

We research all our design projects thoroughly; no pie in the sky ideas here, just solid and robust delivery to everyday business challenges.

Don't think we're all serious!

We love sharing

Above all, we’re fun, professional, friendly and flexible to work with, our office dog BB will greet you with a warm welcome too.

Look at all the open air and trees!

We work in the country

Jellyhaus lives in Sherbourne, Warwickshire. We love our central, rural location and surroundings; perfect for creative and free thinking!

Our heart lies in trends.

Campden BRI (Food & Drink Scientific Research), Trendwatching.com (Global Consumer Trends) and The Future Laboratory (Global Futurologists) are among our favourites, when considering trend research.

We love this quote from Martin Raymond, Co-Founder, The Future Laboratory:

"It is our short-term thinking today, that poses the greatest threat to our success tomorrow."

We love planning adventures.

Visit our ‘Hub’ to find out what we’ve been up to lately; where and who we’ve been visiting.

We might have found out something we’re surprised to know; so the computer in Space Odyssey 2001 (Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film) called HAL, was so named, because the letters preceded IBM! To see, what we’re photographing or music we’re listening to, or if we find some cool news, we may just want a ‘Raaa moment’ to be honest, you’ll find it on our Hub; we like sharing!

We've clients UK and globally.

We’re near Junction 15, M40, close to Warwick (Warwick Parkway, closest Station), Stratford upon Avon, Leamington Spa, Coventry, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Bristol.

Our clients are all over the UK and globally; as much as we visit them, everyone loves spending time at our offices too. We have a large conference room, perfect for brainstorming sessions and meetings, used independently by clients; it’s also available for hire.

Design is in our DNA

We love delivering intelligent design; vision trumps all the senses!

Who are we?

We are a creative collective of designers, solutionists, coders... and dogs.

We design everything: products, identities, publications, brochures, posters, books, exhibitions, websites and the happier you are with the finished result; the happier we are! We believe design has a larger role than just how the product looks. UX and architecture design is rooted in our core processes. Give us a place to stand and together we can create extraordinary things...

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Designers, solutionists, coders and dogs
About Jellyhaus
About Jellyhaus

Our History

...by Tabitha Wade, Director

Founder of Jellyhaus, with a background in design for interiors and live events. After a career as a TV Presenter for Granada Sky & BBC TV, my passions took me back to interiors and event management, working for global event brands such as UBM, Clarion, Upper Street Events and BBC Haymarket. Jellyhaus and the team moved more and more into graphic design, trend research, developing e-commerce websites, branding and original concept creation at a strategic level; producing global marketing campaigns and on-site brand experiences. Today, Jellyhaus, has grown up and into a design, digital, branding and software consultancy, delivering Quality Management Systems which help manage Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). We offer an exceptional and agile ‘on-time’ project management ethos to deliver lean applications and on-brand messaging, which helps manage our client's brands through their own supply chain, both internally and externally, for all their stakeholders. We’re incredibly proud to say, through teamwork and dedication, we’ve created, designed and built global software systems for PepsiCo’s R&D community and new custom built software tools to measure Competency & Business Capability which also includes a Self-assessment model and Training Tracker. As a PepsiCo approved supplier we are working across other areas of their business to convert complex Excel documents into custom built software tools with full reporting and data analysis. We are working with other client’s such as Everyone Active to deliver a custom software solution tailored to their embedded business processes... such as a Operations Health & Safety, Accident & Incident reporting tool with Document Management capability for Policy & Procedures. A key area of expertise is transferring a business process being managed by teams on Excel and creating a dynamic, single version of the truth with much more accurate reporting capabilities. If you have a project in mind, why not give us a call on 01926 624444.

Through teamwork and dedication, we’ve created, designed and built global software tools.