Having had a rummage around today looking for inspirational ideas and trends I found this brilliant example of colourful light building projection in New Zealand and I thought it should go on here as well as taking up residence in our new Trendhaus. Interactive Project agency,  YesYesNo,  recently teamed up with The ChurchInside Out Productions and Electric Canvas to design and create an interactive projection onto the 5 story Auckland Ferry Building.
Moving into the next sphere of technology,  this building projection was created at the experiential level,  allowing the general public to ‘Get into the Groove’ and interact with the light projected using their body movements,  waving their mobile phones and using their hands above a light table.

An interesting way to re-capture public interest and imagination,  these transient,  temporary and artistic projections force you to see a building in a new way;  the kaleidoscopic effect of colour and movement plays with the senses creating an air of mystery,  magic and entertainment and injecting vitality to a previously drab and soulless skyline.

Building light projections are growing in popularity and complexity and are something we’ll be sure to keep an eye on.