The answer is our Designer in Chief, well apart from the bling and 70s pornstar Magnum-style moustache.

Having set the scene with a respectable ‘top half’ finish in the recent British Duathlon Championships (merely a warm-up you understand as it “only” had two disciplines), the lean mean creative machine entered his first triathlon at the weekend, competing in the Stratford Triathlon.

On surveying the results this morning we were all very impressed by the fact that he finished on the first page of the results list…until we realised that there were 14 pages of finishers!

Out of a field of 1,300 competitors, Mark came 17th.  In his first triathlon.  Yes folks, 17th out of 1300.

As Han Solo would have said; “he can outrun Imperial starships.  Not the local bulk cruisers, mind you, I’m talking about the big Corellian ships “.

Mark, top result, well done.

Mark Finish