The designer behind Daniel Loves Objects is an industrial designer who is currently residing in Singapore.  He is inspired by the things around him; current products, animals and nature, the extreme of the political uproars that are happening globally.  The designer’s approach towards ideas of his concepts involve injecting some form of interactive factor into his design or creation so that the user will have to form a relationship or remembrance when relating to or interacting with the product.  Thoughts or feelings that will perhaps strike up some joy and relationship when a connection is made.  The ‘At your Command’  lamps allow the classical movable mannequin to take on a whole new form and style.  Comment from the designer: ‘The classical lamp has evolved much over the years but what if this lamp allows your imagination to run wild?  What if every movement of joint is at your control?  What will the evolution be?  The results may be controversial,  provocative or elegant.’  The mannequin body has been finished in gold plating for a touch of exquisiteness.  See also ‘Of Wars and Wits and Power’.  (All links open in a new window.)