Volkswagen is looking to recruit a new kind of car critic: a straight talking, charismatic man or woman to review the Tiguan. The public will vote on who’ll become their People’s Reviewer and get to keep the Tiguan.

A new campaign by Volkswagen to support the launch of their latest vehicle, the VW Tiguan is called The People’s Reviewer. Over 1000 people applied for the role via YouTube and email entries. This was whittled down to nine contestants, who were then given the opportunity to drive the Tiguan for a week, try out its features, and record a short video review.

Starting September 3rd –  just in case you weren’t aware, that’s my birthday by the way – the public will vote for the best, and the winner will take home a Tiguan.   Voters stand the chance to win a weekend in Venice, one in Bath, a tour of some of the key highlights of London, a year of luxury and the opportunity to drive the Tiguan for three months.

If you check out the Facebook page you will see the final nine selected.  Volkswagen comments:

We’ve had some brilliant entries in our search for The People’s Reviewer and we’ve shortlisted our nine favourite contestants. They’ve all been given a Tiguan for a week, with video camera, so they can put their great ideas on film..Our car critics now go head to head, three at a time, in each heat. The three contestants with the most votes will then go through to the final, a professionally filmed reviewing challenge. The overall winner will be crowned The People’s Reviewer and drive away in a Tiguan!