L2, a think tank for digital innovation, has just released its first ‘Intelligence Report’ Tablets; a study that’s examined 60 retail brands’ tablet data from the past year and concluded that ‘the investment and performance do not match the opportunity’.

Despite tablet visitors to retail sites being three times more likely to purchase than smartphone visitors and likely to spend 50% more per purchase; L2 found that less than 10% of retailers maintained tablet-optimised sites.

H&M are teacher’s pet having invested in a native tablet site.

And while we are on the subject of H&M, we’ve always been strong supporters – retail addicts – of COS, our new toys now are the recently launched ‘& Other Stories’ and their ‘Don’t let Fashion Go To Waste’ campaign (Long Live Fashion – it will in their hands) of which the latter has brought about a long overdue return to the principle of ‘handing in your empty glass bottles in order to collect enough pennies to buy a packet of spacedust‘ POPTASTIC!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about; basically for each shopping bag of clothes you take in, you will receive one voucher of £5 redeemable on a purchase of £30 or more.  Limited to handing in two bags of shopping a day BTW just before you start reaching for your pile of bags for life and shoving in your siblings clothes!

Back to the point:

It seems the majority of brands – in this report 83% out of the 60 – preferred to rely on their ready established desktop sites to drive the tablet experience; does that really work? NO, and NO it doesn’t work for smartphones either…

A ‘one size fits all’ approach simply isn’t good enough now or for – a soon to come – future of ‘i’ generation consumers who have never known a time without an iPad, tablet or smartphone in their grubby little mits!

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