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It’s not Friday – yet – but seeing some of the gallery pictures at Cinematical we found ourselves smiling with that warm, end of week happy feeling.

Firstly, it reminded us of the wonderfully original Star Wars TV, from Channel 4’s Adam and Joe Show (if you loved them, they’re now on BBC Radio 6 on Saturday mornings).  For those of you who haven’t seen the hilarious things they did with toys, it’s on Channel 4oD plus Youtube.

Secondly, the first of the Cinematical gallery images got us thinking about applying the same process to our very own politicians.  It seems like only a couple of months ago that we were all dissecting MPs’ expenses claims, although that does appear to have gone rather quiet; either it’s because they’ve all gone off for their summer vacation in the Fletcher Memorial Home or the ephemeral attention span of the populist media has switched its attention to bonuses.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, upon their return for the State Opening of Parliament (new for 2009: the Houses of Parliament are sponsored by Cillit Bang – Bang and the dirt is gone!), our elected representatives admit to having read Plato’s Republic as their summer reading and that, as our guardians, they will now subscribe to his view that those who govern us should be barred from owning private property and only receive minimum wage.

Until that happens (we’re not holding our breath), make yourself grin as you imagine English politicians as Star Wars characters.  John Prescott as Jabba the Hutt is an obvious starting point and here’s a couple more; this may prove to be hours of endless fun…

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