The Tax Payers’ Alliance (TPA) has begun an interesting campaign touring a number of cities and towns across the UK to publicise issues about UK national debt and Government spending.

In a bid to get the public to realise what debt the country is in as a visible figure and realise what this means for their future tax bill and economy,  the TPA are travelling around with a ‘debt clock’ mounted onto a lorry.
The campaign,  known as “Wake up to the National Debt”,  is designed in traditional alarm clock styling and suggests that people need to realise what debt the politicians are getting us into before it is too late.
The figures are scary;  the TPA claims that national debt increases by a whopping £5,169 per second meaning £446,575,342 per day.  To put this into context,  it cost £789 million to build the Millennium Dome,  a building which invites constant criticism for its perceived unnecessary expenditure.  This is the equivalent to only 1 day,  18 hours and 24 minutes of the national debt’s increase.

The custom-built clock is one metre high and 7 metres long and its 32 inch red LED display counts up the national debt akin to a ticking time bomb, using clever imagery and colour to strike fear into viewer’s hearts.

The campaign is running from Monday 12th April until Monday 26th April 2010 and in that time will cover 1,300 miles in an effort to get the public to open their eyes to debt.

Visit the debt clock website to see when the clock is in a town near you and see for yourself how the number grows…

Thanks to Geoff Caddick PA Wire for the photos