The SarcMark

For hundreds of years, mankind has been unable to express sarcasm in the written word, relying totally on the intelligence of the end reader. However, that could be a thing of the past. Michigan-based Sarcasm, Inc have developed a punctuation mark to denote sarcasm. This little twisting doodle is actually stunningly simple and could conceivably catch on very quickly in the digital world, being a cross between an ‘@’ symbol and an ‘!’.

Being embracers of anything new, we’d like to think this little unassuming scribble could make it into the sarcastic mainstream media very soon. However, we can’t help thinking that by spelling out to the reader that a piece of prose was, in fact, sarcastic defeats the object of the sarcasm in the first place, truly making it the lowest form of wit…

Sarcasm Inc are giving away the SarcMark for Free at