It’s the latest trend in dining out – get a text and go to a one-off event.  You never know who you’ll meet.  A TEXT message arrives with an address, a dress code and a request to be prompt.  Dinner will be served at 10pm.  Welcome to the world of underground dining.  Transient Diner is the brainchild of an apprentice chef who felt stifled working in five-star kitchens.  Realising many of his colleagues felt the same, he developed the dining concept to give third- and fourth-year apprentice chefs the opportunity to run a virtual restaurant for an evening.  From finding the location and creating the menu to curating a theme and employing staff, the experience gives young chefs the freedom to experiment without the commitments and responsibilities of opening a real restaurant.

Other underground dining clubs include A Razor, A Shiny Knife and Jim Haynes. (opens in a new window)