I attended The Future Laboratory Spring Trend Briefing yesterday – thank you to all who looked after me while nursing the final stages of a fractured leg – I was buzzing as usual having been to one of their briefings with ideas and new ways of thinking about stuff.  This was sadly mildly tempered last night by going to the cinema to watch The Boat that Rocked – how is it, this film with decent budgets, an incredible cast line-up and a successful Screenwriter/Director like Richard Curtis, got it so wrong?  Fortunately my ‘buzz’ bounced back this morning and I remembered yesterday The Future Laboratory showing the trailer for the film The Age of Stupid.  Funded through the method of ‘crowd-funding’ – a mixture of social events, mass email pleas and website donations – this film has credentials to satisfy even the sternest critics.  Directed by Franny Armstrong and produced by Lizzie Gillett this independent film, set in the future, is about climate change.  It features Pete Postlethwaite as The Archivist and last one left on earth, who in 2055, using touch-screen technology is left to find out why in 2009 people did nothing to stop the eco-catastrophe that was staring them in the face.  Having felt I wasted my money on one film last night I wanted to spread the word about another today:  The Age of Stupid! (All links open in a new window.)