A GAGGLE of clowns, jugglers and acrobats rolled into the Ricoh Arena for Take That’s circus-themed extravaganza.

Their jaw-dropping show saw flames bursting through the air, shimmering showgirls with feather plumes and the band sing from a giant mechanical elephant as a reflection of their hit album The Circus.  (When you watch the video with the elephant look closely at its tail – fantastic!!)

I’ve been to a few concerts over time and have been lucky enough to experience many live events around the world; however this had to be one of the most exhilarating real and live experiences I have had.  Organisers of the 2012 Olympics should really put on their ‘to do’ list – speak to the Take That boys and the group of individuals that put this show together!

Simply staging a live event and hoping that visitors will attend, based purely upon advertising coverage, previous attendance or the brand value is no longer sufficient.  We have all become more discerning, partly because we’re empowered with the revolution of consumer power and partly because we want to see maximum value for our £1 of expenditure. Lets face it all too often we can feel a little bit let down by the promise of something great. A live event should be the synthesis of visitor expectations – this one was and how satisfying and smug I feel being able to wax lyrical about it!

In short the show was a ‘spectacular, spectacular’.

Take That and 48,000 people of all ages and gender gathered in the Ricoh Arena – in pouring rain I might add real diehards – and I’m pretty certain not a single bottom sat down from the point at which the Take That boys revealed themselves, through a mass of balloons all shapes, sizes and colours, singing Greatest Day until getting home later that night!

I’m not just writing to sing quite literally the virtues of Take That being back for good; this was a night of pure and utter tribal community, emotional experience, value for money, electrifying atmosphere, entertainment and a sense that the Take That guys really wanted to give back something very special for their fans to cherish.  Well they did – it was worth every single penny of the ticket money and how often can you reflect and say you’d would have paid more for something!!

If you were to put the above attributes into the context of branding for a live event, in a desire to create something really fantastic this concert was a blend of revisionism, revolution and tradition.

Take That created a live event and evening’s entertainment that was experiential for all who attended, where fans felt involved in the show and in their successful return thereby sharing identity and characteristics through participation and engagement.  This was a ‘circus’ community, an army of followers who came together to sing their hearts out and dance!

Like all good caring brands this group have managed to stayed true to their roots, revived just the perfect amount of nostalgia and then combined this with being up to date and relevant to attract a new audience, as well as exceeding the expectations of their older ones! A testament indeed to the genuine personalities of Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark and the Superbrand qualities – Quality, Reliability & Distinction – the band exudes.

Thank you so much to everyone involved for a truly amazing and fun evening!