Studio8 has designed and art directed SHOP, a new magazine published by Global Refund – an organisation dedicated to promoting tax free shopping opportunities for travellers in foreign cities.

“SHOP aims to be the ultimate luxury traveller publication,” says its editor-in-chief, Emma Cheevers. “Studio8 has really captured the essence of discreet elegance that we were looking for. There’s a palpable retro feel, but it also feels completely modern.”

This is bang-on and in line with the general direction and trend that the luxury market is taking now, where even at the most ostentatious end of luxury where wealth is displayed through visible cues, we are witnessing a shift to a much more pared-down approach. Now that it is considered not just tasteless, but also inappropriate to flaunt obvious means and excessive aesthetics, those who seek this face of luxury will consume it more subtly.

The magazine will look to offer tips on what to buy and where to buy it from leading style journalists and will be published bi-annually in two editions: Luxury and Style.

SHOP will be distributed in leading London hotels as well as route specific journeys with leading airlines, first class airline lounges and partner retailers. Initially launching in London, SHOP Istanbul and SHOP Singapore will follow shortly, with plans to publish magazines in 45 countries by 2012.

Other work we love from Studio8 includes: SIZE FORMAT STOCK

A practical guide to using paper in design, which was available as a supplement in the March 09 issue of Grafik magazine. Published in collaboration with Justin Hobson at Fenner Paper, the manual covers areas such as pagination, binding techniques and environmental considerations.


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