Seedbomb Designers: Hwang Jin wook, Jeon You ho, Han Kuk il & Kim Ji myung

The title maybe misleading; the intention is peaceful and sustainable!

Hwang Jin wook and fellow designers have come up with the ‘Seedbombs’ as a concept intended for combating both deforestation and desertification.  Their inspiration came from American pilot Lieutenant Gale S. Halverson’s Operation Gum Drop; after World War II, he began airdropping small handkerchief parachutes of candy for children in Germany.

While not as sophisticated as Star Trek’s Genesis Device that creates lush paradise-like planets using one miraculous projectile, Seedbomb has a similar mission. This design concept aims to drop these beneficial guided missiles — each loaded with multiple warheads of artificial soil and seeds — onto areas that have been raped by deforestation.

Housed in biodegradable plastic, the artificial soil provides nourishment and moisture to the seed; till it grows out to be a strong enough plant to sustain itself.  As the sapling matures, the plastic capsule melts away when wet, leaving behind a brand new generation.

Undoubtedly a good idea but maybe ‘Mission Impoossible’ at this moment in time; the logistics of desert environment and the kind of seeds to be dispersed will require a lot research and expertise from the botanists. Once the capsule melts away and the artificial soil’s nourishment and moisture used up, it’ll take a lot of effort on the plant’s part to survive the harsh environment so great work in progress!