……..wot I really, really want:

See-through and transparency please Mr Brown, Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Co.!

Transparency of prices, quality, opinions and standards is of paramount importance to all of us but every month brings new developments that are feeding one of the biggest consumer trends of the last decade: Consumer Power.

All UK Politicial Parties actively canvassing voters for the next general election; take notes.

We are looking for Superbrand attributes: QUALITY – RELIABILITY – DISTINCTION.

Instead you re giving us nothing special, nothing remarkable.

We are quite indifferent to any new product, service or experience that is average, mediocre, run of the mill or ‘me-too’. A duplicate or simulacrum isn’t sustainable anymore. The sad lie of mediocrity is: ‘Doing 4% less does not get you 4% less’. No, doing 4% less may very well get you 95% less.

That’s because almost good enough gets you nowhere. No sales, no votes, no customers. Medocrity is the mistaken belief that there is a linear relationship between effort and results. In fact, the results are usually totally out of proportion to the incremental effort.

Big organisations have the most trouble with this, because they don’t notice the correlation. It’s hidden by their momentum and layers of bureaucracy. The flip side of this is that when you are at the top – the industry leader – a tiny increase in effort and quality can translate into huge gains – Barack Obama ring any bells?

Stand for something and do it well.

See-Through takes traditional transparency one step further, adding emotions, intentions and interaction to the mix – familiar at all?  In other words: cutting through the crap.  As people increasingly share info about themselves online and desire a sense of real community rather than a cyber subsitute, they will and do expect the same kind of openness from organisations and politicans.

In the year to come, it will be hard to hide anything and even if you do manage to keep things out of sight, the public will at the very least know you have something to hide.  We are all very aware the banking sector and now it would seem – not a moment too soon – Politics is an unwitting but deserving subject of the See-Through trend.