“The 2009 UK Countdown to London 2012 £5 Coin is an Official Licensed Product of London 2012 and as such is housed in specific London 2012 packaging and features the official London 2012 logo”

The coin is the first in a series of four to be launched annually from now until 2012. On the reverse, it features the number three to signify three years until the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, alongside images of swimmers racing to the finish line, while the framework border is a reference to the new Olympic stadium as seen from above.

A press release explains that “The gold and silver versions of the coin are the first UK £5 coins to feature the Olympic rings and logo in full colour.”

Only 4,000 gold proof coins (which cost £1,295 each) will be produced by the Royal Mint. In addition, 30,000 silver proof coins (£54.95 each) and 500,000 cupro-nickel coins (£9.95 each) will be available.

I’ve grown to like the Olympic logo. The more I see it, the more I respect it. It’s versatile, bold, un-prissy and contentious.

But this isn’t about the logo, it’s about the coin. Surely the coin would be more commemorative and collectable if it were to echo the bold shapes of the Olympic identity? Maybe something similar to the ‘0′ in the logo?

It’s not like anyone is going to be sticking a grand’s worth of metal into a vending machine is it? (unless we take Homer Simpson’s lead!) Can’t it be made into something really memorable?

And a final thought on the coin’s design – a big great “3” on a £5 coin?! An accessibility nightmare don’t you think?!