“You fade to light” – OLED Installation from rAndom International on Vimeo.

Philips Electronics recently premiered the world’s first OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) – based interactive lighting concepts, created for both consumer as well as professional use, during the Euroluce International Lighting Fair in Milan.

The concepts are intuitive and interactive in use, boast ultra flat shapes, soft light-effects and design possibilities never before seen in lighting products. The result is lighting that goes beyond mere illumination – it becomes an experience in itself.  (All links open in a new window.)
The concepts are the culmination of years of research that have placed Philips at the cutting edge of solid-state lighting. The concepts demonstrate a new light ambiance, novel design possibilities and unique interactivity of light and human gesture.”

For homes, Philips is presenting four different concepts: standing, wall-mounted, desk-top and ceiling luminaires. All incorporate glowingly radiant flat OLED light panels, supplemented with LUXEON Power LEDs for the functional lighting part. Each model has different intuitive interactive capabilities. The ceiling concept, for example, features a balance of up-light and down-light that can be changed or dimmed to alter the ambience in a room with a gesture of the hand. All of the concepts on show share a sleek, streamlined design that makes them as decorative as they are functional.

Philips is also unveiling an OLED installation for professional segments in large spaces, such as reception areas. As in the case of the consumer concepts, this installation is both functional and highly experiential, featuring a luminescent wall that reacts directly to passers-by, creating mirrored reflections of their ‘shadows’ amid the light. Philips invites to “play” with this new technology and experience it as much more than a light only: a softly glowing mirror, an interactive tool, a very aesthetic light source and an inspiration for further products and applications.

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