Artist Nick Cave has created a herd of thirty Technicolor life-size horses that will periodically perform a 15 minute dance ritual weaving amongst Grand Central Terminal’s 750,000 daily visitors. The horses are brought to life by dance students from the Alvin Ailey School choreographed by William Gill; the horses will peacefully ‘graze’ and break into choreographed movement or ‘crossings’ accompanied by live music.  The performance is part of the bigger celebrations of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Anniversary.

Drawing on his training as both a visual artist and dancer, Nick Cave works in a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, installation, performance, and video. Cave’s Soundsuits highlights of the artist’s oeuvre—are meticulously hand-crafted from found objects, recycled remnants, and discarded materials. Existing as both sculptures in themselves and, when occupied by the body, activated forms, they reference dress and ritual attire from around the world, responding to the globalization of cultural identity. “My ability to make objects sing lies within the multiple readings of each work,” says the artist.