Just heard the news that Neil Armstrong has died.

One of a group of just twelve people who have walked on the moon.  Perhaps the most exclusive club in the world or maybe more accurately above the world.

Most of us are too young to remember the moon landing but our parents will have told us how they huddled around a TV set to watch the grainy black & white pictures and hear those now universally famous words.  One of the only times that all of humanity has been united.

Against the backdrop of the atemporality of the digital age and the grandiosity & narcissism of our e-personalities that bleed into our real personalities, Armstrong’s privacy and humility are beyond comparison and without parallel.

Most, if not all, of that group of twelve were profoundly influenced by seeing this;



and after returning to earth, devoted their lives to furthering the cause of humanity and spirituality.

One can only imagine how Armstrong must have felt when he set foot on the moon and when he saw the earth from the moon.  The last words of the fictional astronaut Dave Bowman from 2001 come to mind;

“my God, it’s full of stars”.