I have had an interest in Graphic Design and Art for a long time and want to do something along those lines at University and in the future. By applying for work experience at Jellyhaus through Myton School it has shown me what Graphic Design is all about and what to expect in the future.

In my time at Jellyhaus, I have been guided by a helpful team through the day to day runnings of a Graphic Design company and have been involved in procedures taken to create successful branding for a company/business. I have worked on a design brief for Myton School which is close to home as it is where I have attended my secondary education. By being at Jellyhaus it has widened my ideas for branding places such as Myton School by following a design brief, brainstorming ideas and how picking out key preferences from the client, can lead to a successful idea being designed and a satisfied client.

The skills that I have learnt at Jellyhaus will help me in the future when attending University and finding a job. I enjoyed my time at Jellyhaus and I want to say a big thank you to the whole team for letting me join the company for a short while to see how everything works and experience a Graphic Design company.

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