Muse’s new track ‘Survival’ was announced last night as the ‘official’ soundtrack to London 2012. It apparently will be played when athletes enter the stadium (guess that will be happening a lot, might be quite amusing if Jess Ennis wandered into the Olympic arena to watch the Men’s 100m final and a quick blast of the dulcet tones of Matt Bellamy ring out just as Mr Bolt prepares to do his thing), medal ceremonies and at other periods of pomp.

We had a listen to the track this morning and the reception was, well, confusing. There’s definitely lots of Muse-ism in there – big orchestras, loud guitars, screamy vocals and, strangely, a touch of Rammstein-ism (which is weird) but we’re struggling to see the Olympicism of it all – how will it work? It’s like blasting out “i see you baby, shaking that ass” at Trent Bridge (they do, by the way) – it’s just not Cricket.

Well, we shall see – maybe the world will take to Muse’s brand of shouty, OTT soft rock.

Have a listen for yourself, just Google ‘muse survival mp3’ and you’ll find what you need (it’s up to you whether you download it legally or not!).