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Manchester City have a new website. Great, and…? Well, I have to say, it’s certainly worth a look.

There was a time, circa early ’00s that football-based websites with any kind of content worth logging on for were of the ‘unofficial’ variety and even those consisted of just a few pages of links and mildly interesting archive photos. They were more aggregator sites, giving you a central source of ‘all things footie’ on the web. To save my embarrassment, I won’t divulge what team I was following (and continue to vainly do so) at that time but this was as good as it got.

Then came along the “premium TV” model. What a spot of genius that was. Us fans got some long-overdue quality content and those guys at FL Interactive must have raked in the reward at spending the time to develop a decent template and then flog it to every single one of the Football League’s 72 teams.

After a good few years, I’m starting to get a bit bored of all that and I’m heartened to see Man City are upping the game for a footie site with not only decent content but a fab interface to go with it as well.

As part of their reinvention as a “media and entertainment brand” (statements like that are the reason why I’ve lost interest in the game over the past few years), MCFC employed London agency POKE to design them a new site to match their ambition. And to be fair, it’s a bloody good effort. It makes extensive use of 16:9 video throughout the site and many other visual splendours. Despite MC’s alternative agenda of money, money, money, the site is surprisingly ad-free. Image, video and interface is king and I’m a big fan.