I’m sure many have experienced it. You’re sitting in a Marketing/PR meeting with a Press Release deadline looming and your MD wants a “friendly feel” to this one. “Use a nice font, I quite like Brush Script“, they would say after a quick peruse through their anorexic Windows NT font library.

Now Brush Script has its place (mainly on flyers for your local Bakery or on email signatures for creatively suppressed CEOs) which is why professional agencies won’t touch it even with a large, pointy desktop novelty. However, font design, and in particular, script font design has upped its game over recent times. With font creation software becoming easier to use and cheaper to buy, the creative talents of the world are being drawn to try their hand at being typographers and doing a pretty good job of it too! Where a huge quality gap in the script font market once existed, in its place is now a multitude of free or low-cost font families of exceptional quality. For example, Memoriam Pro and Alpine Script are two beautifully crafted pieces of work available for around £30 each.


So next time, if you want to add a little difference to your internal memo or quickly drafted press release, consider looking a bit further than your Microsoft Word font list and delve into the world of modern font artistry. Best place to start is