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Psycho Donuts has taken donuts to a new demented level.

The owners of a new café in Campbell, California are offering a truly unique donut experience.  The Frankenstein Donut makers have invented extraordinary flavours and combinations served by staff in white coats, know as ‘Psycho Nurses’ complete with a padded cell in the café for visiting inmates to sit in and gorge themselves on their sweet purchases of delight!  The cafe doubles up as an art gallery and its decor is inspired by references to thriller/horror movies such as the infamous ‘Bates Motel’ from the film Psycho.

The owners say, ‘We have decided to bid a fond farewell to the tired, round ring of lameness, and the drab, time-weathered environment of donut past. Psycho Donuts has taken the neighborhood donut put it on medication and given it shock treatment!

Psycho Donuts are very unique and well, crazy.  Our name comes with a commitment to not only be the craziest and fun donut experience you’ll ever have, but one of the most unique places in the South Bay!’

Donuts available include:

Manic Malt, M.H.T, Bipolar and then for something to keep the inmates calm Fung Shui and Donut Fries!

Mmmmmmmmm, cakey, cake, cake!