PUB CRAWL from Kit Webster on Vimeo.

The 2009 Gertrude Street Projection Festival in Melbourne is now over and what a fantastic week they have had.  With over 100 artists exhibiting works over 20 sites the festival enjoyed even more success than last year when it launched.  The theme this year was ‘Dreams’ and artists were asked to do anything they imagined to do with dreams, aspirations and fantasies.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is a week of projected media and turns the street into a free walk, ride and drive through outdoor gallery at night.   Artists project their work in, on and over 20 different sites with project moving, still and installation work where you least expect it!

Some of the artists featured included Kit Webster who investigates the emergence of art, design and technology in order to develop works that engage the observer in new and interesting ways.  His new media installation entitled ‘Dataflux 0.1’ exhibited at RMIT in Melbourne has received significant worldwide attention and he will be creating an immersive, interactive installation at Bus Gallery in September.  Can’t wait!!