When we came across this story, BB the Jellyhaus office dog was soooo excited he started humming the ice cream van musical chimes, that was until we reminded him ‘you’re on a diet’!  BB is now sat in the corner of the room rocking gently with a dry cornet!
So for all BB’s doggie friends who can persuade their humans to walk them in Regents Park this Saturday, they can look forward to the world’s first ice cream truck for dogs: the K99 will make an appearance this Saturday at the the Boomerang Pets Party in London’s Regents Park.  The proceeds raised from this charitable ice cream truck will go towards funding the Berkshire Search & Rescue Dogs, a volunteer group assisting search and rescue teams.
The K99 van can be found at various parks this summer playing the cool theme tune to Scooby Doo rather than the traditional chimes.  The two flavours that are to be served from the ice cream truck are ‘dog eat hog world’ – gammon and chicken sorbet topped with a doggy biscuit and wrapped in a cone – and ‘canine cookie crunch’ – an assortment of various dog biscuits and ice cream flavors.  The group claims that a team of scientists conducted research to achieve the perfect recipe of ice cream for dogs through investigating the optimal balance of temperature, texture, and taste.
Source PSFK