There’s been a quiet announcement recently by the world’s most infamous technology company…

Microsoft plan to follow in Chrome, Firefox and Opera’s footsteps by automatically updating their white elephant of a browser, Internet Explorer.

Whilst this may seem rather mundane news for some, we here at Jellyhaus are jumping for joy and having a rather expensive beer, celebrating what is a momentous decision that will have repercussions throughout the web design world.

To cut a rather complicated story short (involving operating systems, enterprise editions and conscientious objectors), Microsoft’s decision to auto-update will start to kill off the stone-age behemoths of IE6 and IE7.

Why is this good news? Well, it means we can spend less time looking back and more time looking forward, more time embracing new technologies to the full and more time making sure our users’ experiences are the most content and visually-rich they can be.

Thank you Microsoft, it’s about time!