I Exhale, the video is out for the forthcoming first single from Underworld’s new album, Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future. #shiningfuture

Karl prowls like a demented ringmaster, gyrating as if the separated-at-birth triplet to Ian Brown and Bez. Occupying a space somewhere not quite here, hinting at the space on the other side of the door (remember the lyrics to Jumbo ‘on the other side of the locked door’) and moving between them, as if held in transition. A bacchanalian bus conductor inviting us to step aboard his ecstatic mystery tour: we have no idea where you are going but take us there!

The looping beats reverberating to Dark And Long, King Of Snake and Scribble, like a Duracell Bunny plugged into the mains, out of control with excitement. Do Pass Go, Collect £200. His techno noodling stream of consciousness echoing the Estuary patois of Ring Road. An inexplicable sensory language that is itching to f**k up Google Translate.

Of all the amazing music we have discovered and which intertwines our lives, Underworld occupy a unique place. Listening to something new from them is strangely reassuring as well as innovative. My longest best friend surprises me once again. Addictive, immersive, silkily seductive, intoxicating…utterly brilliant.

The ringtone of Diamond Geezer Essex Boys and True Blonde Painted Girls everywhere.

The video is shot by long time collaborator and founding member of tomato, Simon Taylor, who has been working with the band since the early 90’s.