Well, Lance is back.

His talent is unquestionable, his dedication is admirable, his legendary status is unassailable and his kit is awesome!

Lance Armstrong has defied all odds again (I’ve lost count of exactly how many times) and returned to the professional cycling circuit in support of his global cancer-fighting initiative and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As part of a long-term association with the bike manufacturer TREK, he has asked them to give him a helping hand in his quest for world cancer domination. The result is a series of hand-painted bikes, emblazoned by the world’s most coveted artists.

The collection, bizarrely named ‘STAGES‘, will be on show at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris before moving to the US this Autumn.

Amongst the colourful (and in my opinion, must-have) collection, the bike painted by our own Damien Hirst, aptly named ‘MADONE‘ particularly caught our eye. Lance will ride this bike on the Tour de France’s final stage on Sunday. The whole collection will be auctioned in the future and the Damien Hirst effort is expected to raise a figure nearing $1mil all (or most) of which will be going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (Livestrong).

We’re having a whipround in the office so I can indulge my fantasy of:

  1. Owning a better bike, and;
  2. Being the campest cyclist on the road!

Any contributions to our cause would be appreciated! (or, maybe, on second thoughts, why don’t you give some money to Livestrong instead!)