…we’ll be sad to see you go.

We heard news this week that the Royal Show will be closing its gates for the last time after this year’s event, finishing on the 10th July. We’re sure the decision must have been a difficult one but after a run of a few years’ bad luck with washouts, blue-tongue and mad-cow, visitor numbers have dropped.

Jellyhaus were asked to help with the rebranding of this year’s event and we’ve been pleased with the results. Booking targets have been met already and the Show is shaping up to be the most exciting for a long time. It has been a pleasure working with the RASE (Royal Agricultural Society of England), who have said “not to dwell on the passing of the Show… but rather look forward to the new and exciting events the RASE will be launching in 2010”. These new events aim to take what is successful and exciting from the existing format of the Royal Show and turn them into a separate selection of targeted, more sustainable events aimed at strengthening and promoting the farming and rural communities of England.

We’d like to wish the RASE the best of luck with their new initiatives and we are extremely excited to see the new line-up of shows and events in 2010.

Read the RASE’s press release here (opens in new window).