A bit of Friday fun because it’s raining!

The SENZ Umbrella is unique with its aerodynamic shape which keeps rain off your back and withstands up to 70 mph winds!  Ooooooo!

The Inside out umbrella is a wonderful invention that solves the problem of a wet dripping umbrella from creating a mess in your house.  How?  By fully inverting into a small bag.  All the wet drippy stuff stays inside.  Designed by Petitinvention. Ahhhhhh!


This wonderful “Electric Umbrella” from instructables.com, is a great way to make the best of a rainy night by taking long walks under your very own stars with that special someone.  Simple, cheap and even comes with a dimmer for setting your own tone. Mmmmmmm!


The Bluetooth Umbrella by Mikhail Strawsky is simply an umbrella with a bluetooth enabled handle for hands free operation with your mobile phone. It also doubles as radio so you really can go “singing in the rain.” La la la – la la.


The  “Eco-Brolly” by designer Shiu Yuk Yuen was based on an idea to reuse discarded newspapers as the canopy for the  umbrella skeleton.  Apparently, this umbrella can re-use and adapt objects such as newspaper, card and plastic bags.  In fact anything goes that fits!  It has a supporting device so when it rains all the user has to do is unscrew the top lid, poke the lid onto the middle of the newspaper, a quick screw to secure it and it opens out like an umbrella!  Errrrrrrrr….


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