The team at Jellyhaus are always excited when Kit emails us with his new work and his latest piece of digital sculpture is brilliant!  Thank you for the updates Kit!

Kit’s explanation, ‘Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space in order to develop immersive synthasthetic environments.  A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences.  By positioning the frames in a perfect series, and developing visualisations that are isolated to these frames, I aim to create a work that does not exist entirely in one or two dimensions but a form of synthetic hybridized space.  It is this constructed inter-dimensionality and the development of freely flowing abstract visual and sonic sequences that aims to demonstrate the potential for new forms of digital sculpture.’

ENIGMATICA from Kit Webster on Vimeo.