Jellyhaus has been involved in tracking trends and the commercial application of trends for over 10 years now.  In particular we’ve been following the area of Food Futures for about a year – working with the Food Ingredients/Pharmaceuticals Portfolio for UBM – specifically with the trends towards mapping the provenance of food and being to identify & vouch for each step of an item’s life.  Jellyhaus attended The Future Laboratory November 2008 Trends Briefing, which included the Barcode Plantage from Daniel A. Becker. The barcode is universally recognised as a storage unit for product information German student Daniel A. Becker believes there is much more potential in those familiar black bars and has developed the Barcode Plantage programme to render barcode data in an innovative, visually interesting way.  (Links open in a new window)

Becker believes that this method of displaying data appeals to our brain’s right side and enhances the intuition of deciphering such numerical information.  His programme processes the numerical coding used on a barcode by using the Bezier parametric curve to display the information in graphical form.  Different data, such as an item’s price and country of origin, transform into coloured graphical structures, adding life and a new perspective to a formerly linear pattern.  In November, we were working on a creative campaign for a large UK distribution & warehousing business client, called Great Bear.  They are involved with the physical journey that food makes within the supply chain, through warehousing and distribution.  We were looking for a way to combine these two elements; the identity of an item of food and the journey it makes.  We realised that the barcode was an ideal tool with which both to anchor and synthesize the campaign, with the ‘tree’ representing both the physical journey and a traceable map of the food’s progress.  We spoke with Daniel, highlighting how we had seen his work and gained his permission to use the concept.  The resultant creative campaign went live in January 2009 with the first advertisement being the back page of Focus Online the principal trade publication for the logistics industry; above is the ad created.  Our client was very pleased with the result as it is a clean and crisp image that conveys effectively the path taken by an individual item – represented by the barcode – without ever losing its identity and therefore provenance.  Merging the Great Bear logo with the barcode lines illustrates the client’s integral role in that journey.  It clearly shows how information from trends can be transformed and translated into something for our clients in marketing their business.  We track relevant trends and their potential benefit and deploy it with our clients, in a message that is then communicated to their end customers.  For more information or if you have a project to chat through please call us on +44 (0) 1926624444.