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Have you ever been at a bar when you’ve been asked what you want and you freeze? Just what is it you fancy?  I know I have and the usual result is panic followed by ordering a drink I didn’t really want but felt pressured to choose quickly due to the impatient stares from those all around you (mate, there’s no point in holding that £50 note out – they don’t take them here).

You may be the diva of decisions in everyday life but when it comes to ordering a drink you are frozen by Bar Fright, unable to choose between wine, a crisp G&T or a smooth lager!

Aiming to help solve this annoying reality, Courvoisier is currently working with the nation’s leading bars to develop a range of cocktails designed to help even the most hopeless & indecisive drinkers.   Each bar will use Courvoisier Exclusif to create their unique ‘I Don’t Know’ drink. Cocktails currently in creation include ‘Cour Blimey Cobbler’, a fascinating blend of ginger beer, cinnamon schnapps, fresh chilli and bitters with the key Courvoisier Exclusif or maybe a ‘Physical Harris’ment’ is more your style; a blend of Tia Maria, sugar syrup and various bitters with it instead.  By replying “I don’t know” when asked what drink you want by a bartender, you will be served that particular bar’s creation.

Courvoisier’s campaign gives you the opportunity to try something new, moving away from the mainstream bar orders and spicing up cocktail hour.  By simplifying the decision process, they are creating a new position in the marketplace for their drink and introducing consumers to new experiences and tastes.  Perceived as a traditional after dinner digestif  Courvoisier is clearly keen to attract younger and more dynamic drinkers with these cool cocktail creations and to go head to head with the likes of more established cocktails such as Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Kir Royale.

Different cocktails are available at different bars throughout the country, for a full list visit Idontknowcocktails to see the 50 bars operating an ‘I don’t Know’ cocktail.

Furthermore, by voting for your favourite cocktail, you will be entered into a prize draw to win an all expenses paid trip for two to Jarnac, the home of Courvoisier. The closing date is 21st September although we couldn’t possibly countenance anyone trying to visit all 50 venues to try every single one.

If it’s a success, perhaps the queues at bars will be shorter and I won’t have to be standing on my feet for as long…ooh, there’s an idea; an ‘I Don’t Know’ selector for shoes, although if you go into a Jimmy Choo boutique, surely you want to be standing at the counter for ages looking at the rows of leather loveliness; mmmmm, shiny…..