This concept for a cheeky bike rental site was featured in Issue 268 of net Magazine – the industry-leading title for the web industry – and their regular month feature – Design Challenge. In this issue, the brief was to “Create a site for a cycle hire scheme”. So we did…

bikeflirt-layout Bike Flirt - Net Magazine

BikeFlirt is a tongue-in-cheek specialist and unusual bike ‘dating’ site.

There are two elements to the site, the ‘Professional’ and the ‘Personals’. The ‘Professional’ service is supported by a national network of independent bike shops. The ‘Personals’ section provides a service where private renters are able to make their bike available for a ‘date’.

The double-entendre theme and design runs throughout the site making it clear that the renter is looking for their perfect love match, not just two wheels. This isn’t just a site for people who want to get from A to B, it is for people who want to get from A to B (probably via C) with flair and whimsy.

I want to make sure the content retains its visual appeal so there won’t be any layout frameworks used – all responsive breakpoints will be content and not device driven. Javascript will be kept to a minimum using a custom jQuery build and a lightweight carousel plugin. All animations will be CSS based.