map-defences  pic17_spitfire_scramble_gal3

……….main group numbering 23, breakaway group numbering 4 but increasing;  hello No.10 recommend scramble all fighters.’

The Prime Minister has reshuffled the Cabinet (you can hum that to the tune of Fun Boy Three’s ‘The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum’ if you want), although with more ministers having shuffled themselves in the run-up, it is perhaps more accurate to say that the Cabinet has reshuffled itself.  On the basis that James Purnell was on the last stage out of town last night, Our Illustrious Leader’s job has been made considerably easier (with only John Hutton departing today) and probably consisted of;

1. Phone incumbents to the 3 senior offices of state (Chancellor, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary) and ask if they wouldn’t mind moving job, pretty please.
2. Be told to ‘naff off’ by two of the incumbents and wonder why the third one isn’t answering her phone (here’s a clue Gordon: she’s already packed it in).
3. Find some new chums to fill the posts of old chums who have departed their posts.
4. Ennoble Sir Alan Sugar.

Lord alone knows (or more precisely Lord Alan does know) why Gordon chose Sir Alan – were Ant n Dec busy?  Apparently Sir Alan ‘you can call me Sir Alan’ Sugar is Gordon’s new favourite TV person, now that his previous most favourite TV person – SuBo – is resting in a secure location.  See what you ringing did to her!  So entrepreneurs everywhere will be breathing a sigh of relief now that Lord Sugar of Reconstructed Boardroom For TV is their czar.

Britain’s future as an enterprise capital of the third world is now secured, with the prospects for second-rate word processors being about as bright as their monochrome monitors were.  Although that green glow did give the Wachowski Brothers the idea for the Matrix; although let’s hope that Lord Sir Alan of Saccharin doesn’t tell Gordon that, else he will be in the phone box and on the blower to Neo, asking him if he can be the Cabinet’s new ‘Reality Czar’ and to see whether Agent Smith can be the new Home Secretary (well it would be a near like-for-like replacement).

Seriously though, if Gordon Brown does decide to stand down and is replaced in another uncontested coronation, we will be faced with the prospect of a second person being elevated to the post of Prime Minister without an election.  Last time I looked in the dictionary for the definition of ‘democracy’ (just before the Home Secretary confiscated it on the basis of the war on terror), there was something about Prime Ministers being elected as part of the process known as a general election.  As Lady Bracknell might have said “to appoint one Prime Minister without an election may be regarded as a misfortune. To appoint two looks like carelessness.”

Jellyhaus is not politically aligned.  This is a bit of humour to highlight the basic principles of representative democracy.