Yes, cloud computing is here. For those of you who think you may have missed it, you probably haven’t. In short, cloud computing is reference to the internet. But not really the internet as a whole, more the applications that reside on it. If you upload pictures to Facebook, use GoogleMail/Hotmail or a web-based calendar then you’ve already got your head in the clouds.

Whilst the convenience of having all your messages/photos/files in one place excites us and increases productivity, you still have the extra step of downloading a syncing app or visiting a website to use these services. If you have 3 or 4 devices, that’s 3 or 4 setups required to get all of them to talk to each other via the cloud.

We’re getting there but we think it’s about time this moved onto the next stage – a computer/device that already IS in the cloud, not just looking up at it…

Let me explain:

We here at Jellyhaus have noticed a growing trend in websites being designed to mimick your local computer environment. Personal website for designer Paul Bennett ( demonstrates this perfectly: a website that’s a computer desktop – a computer desktop that’s a website. Surely the natural progression for OS developers now is to use our ‘always-on’ connectivity and create a system that syncs as we work… we move an icon on our desktop, it moves on our laptop; we create a file on our Smartphone, it appears on our tablet. No 3rd party connectivity apps, no web-based email, just 1 account, just 1 piece of software for ALL our devices, anywhere in the world.

Of course the Orwellians among us will have something to say about this but I for one are willing to trade information like other people knowing that I have Notts County wallpaper background or that I am anally precious when it comes to file-naming for the ease of use and productivity that the next stage of cloud computing will bring…

Paul BennettNotepad

Left, Paul Bennett’s portfolio website. Right, a WordPress theme posted on Web Designer Wall showing just how local applications are being ported to the web.