OK, so we all had the long Easter weekend with added rain to sit and chill reading the papers and eating far too much chocolate.  Once you had trawled through the pointless celebrity updates and read all about Pudsey the dancing dog from BGT – ahhhhhh – amongst the various articles, there was the release of Project Glass, an enterprise at Google’s ‘007 Bond like’ secretive Google X Labs.

The video entitled ‘One Day‘ – not the ever so romantic film which, in reality, is a mash up of ‘He’s Just Not That Into You and  ‘Love Story’ – depicts what a day in the life of a Google glasses-wearer would be like.  A series of icons arrive into your field of vision, enabling you to check your calendar, the weather, chat with cyber friends and share photos; there is just one thing missing on the tomorrow’s world style video……..Google Ads!

That’s where Rebellious Pixels and Culture Jammer Jonathon McIntosh comes in with an ADmented Reality spoof of the video; a remixed and possibly slightly more realistic version of the augmented reality glasses featuring contextual Google Ads for your life.

Jonathon comments: For the record, all of the AdWords used are actual Google ad returns found via Google searches based on the dialog, situation or setting in the original Google video. Yes “Music, Stop!” does actually return an ad asking if you’d like to listen to music.  JM goes on to say ‘of course I’m exaggerating a bit here for visual effect to mimic the modern web browsing experience and Google can’t be too annoyed at this remix, because after all I’m just putting Googles Ads, over the top of a Google video on a Google owned video hosting service’.

Here’s the remixed spoof version: