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This autumn prepare for a transatlantic experience from the Wish You Were Here Swap project; a retail exchange breathing new life into empty retail units that are sadly becoming the ‘norm’ on the UK high street as recession bites.

From August 20th to September 13th a celebrated slice of London, will descend on New York’s Lower East Side, followed in October by a reciprocal visit to the Newburgh Quarter – the heart of London’s Carnaby area – featuring the Big Apple’s best brands.

This unique event will see an exchange of 30 independent boutiques reflecting signature trends in the form of fashion, accessories and lifestyle elements set within exciting ‘pop-up’ shops.  All designers taking part in this project will be completely new to each city, bringing an element of welcome surprise emphasising each other’s desirable design diversity.  The Newburgh Quarter and Lower East Side have, for several decades, been renowned for their individual styles – edgy, vibrant, fun and punchy.

New York Events – Lower East Side fashionistas will have a taste of the London look with catwalk shows featuring the British brands participating and a cutting edge Eco + Vintage Street show.  London and New York will come together to celebrate ‘Labour Day’ with a party on September 7th and Premiere women’s lifestyle network Ladies Lotto.  In store activities and collaborative window displays by London Stylist and LES Multi-Generational boutiques will be a daily affair.

London Events – Throughout the month of October, visitors to the Newburgh Quarter will be treated to a New York experience, including a slice of the Big Apple street market with bagels, pretzels and New York style specialties. Other events include a ‘guerrilla’ street fashion show, a shopping evening and a Halloween party which will celebrate the arguably quintessential American occasion.  Live street performances, in-shop entertainment and New Yorker style fancy dress.

Newburgh Quarter brands selling in New York include:

Beyond the Valley, Blaqua, Chateau Roux, Concrete, Cowshed, Fred Perry, The Face, The Great Frog, Hurwundeki, Joie, Peckham Rye, Social Suicide, Savage London, Twenty8Twelve, Van Den Berg.

Lower East Side brands selling in London include:

Adrienne’s, By Robert James, Earnest Sewn, In God We Trust, Kaight, Reed Space, Shut Skateboards, Still Life, Wendy Mink Jewelry, Zarin Fabric Warehouse.