As we’re doing our bit here at Jellyhaus, we were intrigued to see 10:10‘s new video campaign to get people engaged with cutting just 10% of their carbon emissions in 2010. It’s certainly a leftfield approach by the organisation. Getting the celebs involved (yes, even I fancy Mr Ginola!), including a star director in Richard Curtis, they are certain to cause a stir wherever it is shown (although maybe a post-watershed TV screening may be on the cards!). See for yourself:

UPDATE: Rightly or wrongly, 10:10 have made the decision to remove this video from their site due to various complaints about its content and delivery. We have found a site (above) that is still streaming the video although we can’t guarantee how long it will be there! What’s your view? Should 10:10 have removed their video?

How do Jellyhaus stand on the subject? Well, we’re still committed to cutting out 10%!