UBM Group – targeted strategy

Corporate branding and group level strategy

UBM is a global events-led marketing and communications services business. They connect businesses around the world through live events, press releases and other digital and print media.

Over the years, working for UBM, we had opportunity to design events and features for a variety of industries.  This experience built one of the most important parts of the the foundation of our business –  how to understand business across an array of industries from small local to multi-national corporations.

ubm code of business conduct

Targeting Strategy

We have learned that whatever the size of an organisation, they don’t always have a fixed structure in place and even if they do, that structure can be difficult to define or can even be in a state of flux.

Our years of design experience has taught us how to identify and communicate a business’ existing objectives, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changes in future objectives.

From designing a concept on paper to the end delivery, Jellyhaus has years of experience targeting big brand concepts.  We have the ability to see the bigger picture – concept relevancy – as we work down the hierarchy of a company’s products and services – in today’s innovative trend-led market.

We know which trends work and importantly, which do not.

Group Corporate Branding and Structure

At the time of the partnership project, UBM had 11 individual businesses through a variety of acquisitions, mergers and expansion. Each business unit ran autonomously which meant the parent brand (the Group) lacked a coherent branding strategy.

In association with the Communications Director, we developed a cohesive message across the group and assisted in communicating the change – if necessary- to the relevant businesses.

The output of the project was a brand manual – termed the Corporate Identity Guidelines (CIG), Group Website design and supporting direct mail, posters and localised marketing.

ubm corporate identity guidelines
ubm corporate website

A suite of communication standards documents

To fulfil the strategy, we developed a suite of documents (Corporate Identity Guidelines – CIG) that detailed every touchpoint of the UBM Group and its businesses. Across the whole suite, we included:

  • Logo CIG including all the applications and standards for UBM and its businesses
  • Events CIG which included the required standards for Event marketing and co-branding
  • Social Media CIG outlining expectations of event and individuals’ behaviour on all Social Networks
  • Image CIG detailing specifications of corporate imagery and related standards
  • Sustainability CIG and the application of the ‘Supporting Sustainability‘ sub-brand
  • Essentials CIG – an abridged version with a top line overview of the basics of UBM branding

Corporate Identity Guidelines for a Global Business

ubm cobc

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