Multi-discipline agency work covering print, branding and digital applications.

With a portfolio spanning global beverage and snacks brands such as Pepsi Cola, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lay's, Walkers, Quaker Oats and thousands more, PepsiCo - led by Indra Nooyi - is the world's 2nd largest food and drinks manufacturer.

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We have been working with PepsiCo as a full service creative, branding and system solutions experts agency for over 5 years. Our output touches nearly all aspects of the business from global Quality, Supply Chain, Consumer Relations to Research and Development (R&D). As a business who understands corporate branding and identity management, we are able to deliver creative solutions which are not only engaging but manage GRC.

Internal communications design

It would be difficult to communicate every piece we have crafted for PepsiCo throughout the years but here are just some examples of how we are helping to manage their brand internally and retain employee engagement:

  • Internal communications logos
  • Employee engagement campaigns
  • Branded eLearning packages
  • Supplier manual design
  • Business process manual design
  • Information communication design such as posters, leaflets and handouts
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Print based internal marketing

Any large company will have the requirement for internal print based design and collateral. This may be to communicate new regulatory information, company guidelines or specially organised events and forums. PepsiCo are of course no exception and we have become the go-to resource for transforming Powerpoint Presentations, Word Documents or even scrap paper sketches into engaging, exciting and branded brochures, leaflets and posters.

(plus, if you ask nicely, we’ll even organise the printing for you too!).


We haven’t been in the business for as long as we have and not know a thing or two about how people interact with your designs and ultimately learn from their experiences.

We are able to harness this knowledge to create fully SCORM compliant eLearning packages that can fulfil any Learning and Development requirement and manage GRC. Using Adobe Captivate, some examples of eLearning we have created span across:

  • Regulatory and compliance information such as Fire Risk Training and Listeria Prevention
  • Business Process tools
  • System Training
  • Departmental Training and Introduction
  • New Starter Introduction

We can assist with all the technical aspects of production including elearning animations, voice-over, quizzes and confirmed learning. All our output – being fully SCORM compliant – will integrate seamlessly with your existing Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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We have become a nimble and efficient marketing, design and system build resource for many parts of PepsiCo

Pepsico SQA Portal for Jellyhaus1

Intranet custom styling

Corporate intranets can sometimes be non-immersive and disengaging. It’s a non-intended outcome of a rigid framework and user generated content.

Given the opportunity to re-style certain sections, we have given the PepsiCo Intranet a new lease of life using custom CSS styling and Javascript to achieve experiences that many teams did not think were possible.

If your corporate intranet is looking tired, we can design and implement custom layouts and portals within the existing framework with no more than basic content editor rights. That’s right, we do not need access to the core templates and all our code is safe and updatable.

Internal event and forum branding

Forums, meetups, breakouts – all part of the corporate world. If you have an upcoming local/global forum, we can, competitively, give it the edge by providing a fully branded experience, in line with your corporate tone of voice.

We have provided distinct identities for several PepsiCo forums incorporating theme, marketing emails, pull up banners, exhibitions stands, brochures and leaflets.

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Integrated custom software systems

As part of our custom software solution offeringJellyhaus ESP – we have specified, designed, built and implemented two very distinct browser-based tools globally across PepsiCo.

Briefing Management System

To streamline the global supplier briefing process for innovation and productivity briefs for PepsiCo, the move to an on-line, browser-based portal was a necessity to maintain the growth of innovation flavour and seasoning development for the PepsiCo R&D community within Snacks, Beverage and Nutrition. Through an agile process of rapid prototyping and development, we have developed, designed and built a custom software web-based tool, which automates the global briefing process from PepsiCo, to their suppliers; a proprietary SaaS system which implements Single Sign On (SSO), embedded business processes workflows and manages Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Read more about our custom software and associated case studies on our dedicated software page.

Competency Capability and Learning Tool

Working with global Business Transformation Change Leaders within PepsiCo, Jellyhaus has designed, developed and custom built a Competency Capability, Self-assessment and Learning software tool for PepsiCo global Quality & Supply Chain.  Training course management has been built into the tool to enhance the teams CPD offering to its employees and associates globally. The system allows a user to log in (via SSO), complete a self assessment against (configurable) role competencies and identify gaps in their learning.  Competency Capability Software can help organisations, capture employee competency assessments, analyse gaps, assign people with the right competencies to projects and create competency-based learning programs in line with business strategy and manages GRC.  Being able to identify, and make better use of competencies & proficiencies, self-assessments, more effective use of learning and development budgets, and increased retention promotes not only, a highly agile workforce, but a highly trained and therefore capable one and makes maximum use of the available training resources, both in their adoption and how they are delivered.

More information on this and other custom software solutions can be found on our dedicated software page.

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The Jellyhaus PepsiCo partnership is a prime example of an agile agency complimenting a siloed multinational corporation.