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Customer Services branding and internal communications tool

Aldi Supermarkets Ltd need no introduction. They are a global supermarket chain that are making waves in the UK market. As such, their growth has been exponential internally. At the heart of this is their Customer Services department...

aldi environmental presentation
aldi customer services presentation

Identity and brand management

A relatively new addition to the Jellyhaus client list, we have already developed branded multidisciplinary communications across projects ranging from print-based internal Quality collateral to wireframe and prototype mockups for Customer Service knowledgebase systems.

Aldi Stores is a good example of a client who has harnessed the potential of engaging with a multidisciplinary agency (us!) to provide design solutions across the spectrum of internal business applications.

Design for printed communications

We created a 6 page trifold leaflet to help Aldi Quality Assurance UK standardise and streamline their supplier approval process. During this project we developed the business identity design for the Aldi Quality Assurance UK business function.

Designed internal communications are a key component of a branded experience for employees and critical for their engagement, harbouring a ‘my business’ mentality.

aldi tri fold

Effective communications

Too often, internal communications are not branded effectively. This could be through a lack of branded toolbox items such as Powerpoint Templates, Word style guides and editable PDFs or it could be through a lack of communication that these tools exist.

Throw something at us – an email, a Word document or a Powerpoint presentation and let us show you what we can do with your brand.

Branded experiences for internal personnel

Internal Department Branding

Internal departments are run like mini business units and thus benefit from a sense of individual identity. We, for Aldi Customer Services, produced an internal branding campaign that has so far run across presentations, process maps and knowledgebase systems. Starting with a logo, we can offer an individual take on the main corporate brand that is on-message, creative and flexible.

aldi customer services logo
aldi competency system prototype

Process Maps and Searchable Knowledgebase System

Working off Microsoft Visio, PDFs and an ageing incident management systems, Customer Service departments can benefit from our custom software builds tailored towards an integrated way of working, merging functionality from various existing business processes into one, browser-based, UX-led tool.

More on our custom software capabilities can be found on our dedicated Enterprise Software page.

aldi knowledgebase system prototype