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Website Design and Build for Wool Classics

Jellyhaus recently completed a website design and build for Wool Classics. Wool Classics, based in the Design Centre of Chelsea Harbour, London, has a growing portfolio, so the new website has been built into a Content Management System to allow the team to manage their portfolio themselves. The redesign has given the opportunity to build a responsive design that works effectively on mobile, tablet and desktop; as the imagery is so strong from the Wool Classics projects, the design allows the user to view this virtually full screen with minimal interference from navigation.   For this reason too, we’ve incorporated a jumbo drop down navigation, which not only highlights Wool Classics services, sectors, products, made-to-order carpet and rug libraries, but also takes a visitor who knows what they are looking for, straight to a particular collection or product for quick sample ordering.

We have all pulled together as a team to design and build a website for Wool Classics which reflects their passion and the company philosophy, which is simple: ‘to provide customers with an unrivaled, unique level of the very highest quality product and service for every project undertaken. From the smallest room to the largest ballroom in the world we are your one stop shop for all high quality flooring.  We designed a carpet for the ballroom in the Hilton Bomonti in Istanbul which features a non repeating 4000 square metre axminster, meticulously designed in our London design studio.’

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