Should You Always Use Experienced Designers for Your Pitch?

Should you use experienced designers for your pitch?  You might think the answer is straightforward, but it really depends to whom the pitch is being designed.  You SHOULD use an experienced design agency – that is for certain!  However, the design process depends a great deal on the client’s requirements.  It helps if you have an ongoing relationship and are invited to pitch, since you likely understand the house style and are better able to produce something in line with their desires, beliefs and wishes.

Experienced Designers at Jellyhaus

Experienced Jellyhaus designers draw from their vast experience producing pitches.  A great reputation for excellent work doesn’t hurt when you are competing for a pitch!  We really care about our client’s needs and we draw from a breadth of experience.  We tailor solutions to the company’s needs.  A corporation often requires a good understanding to produce work that will match the brief requirements.  An experienced designer is essential because they will understand the necessary format of the pitch, the brief, how they should challenge, read and convert the brief to produce fantastic output for the client’s requirements.

Newer Designers at Jellyhaus

If we are designing a pitch (for example) for a business in the music industry, we may involve a younger/less experienced designer since they often produce unconventional (outside the box) crazy left side, creative ideas that surprise and delight!  At any rate, the final pitch will be polished up by our senior designers.

At Jellyhaus, we have a fantastic team of designers with oodles of experience and we also employ imaginative junior designers who haven’t had a lot of experience working within the confines of a brief.

Bottom line…we produce fab results that usually exceed expectations!