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Is Your Business Website Antique?

Think about how often you use the internet to find a business or a product or a service.  Now, think about how many times have you received a phone directory through your door.  You picked it up, put it on a shelf and didn’t even bother to remove the plastic covering.  You know who you are!  Okay……this writer is guilty!  Seriously, though…the days of searching through a paper directory are almost over.

Here’s a funny article about phone directories.

A Good Business Website is Vital for Your Company Exposure!

So, how’s your business website working for you?  Is it generating new business?  Does it work well in the various platforms or do mobile and tablet browsing customers end up frustrated leaving your website and going to a more user-friendly one?  If your website isn’t generating new leads and if it’s outdated with yawn-worthy content, then it’s definitely time for a business website update!

At Jellyhaus, we custom code, design and build stunning business websites! Whether it’s a showcase website, a marketing website, a branding website or an eCommerce website – your business website needs to work for your business! A good website will bring visibility and most importantly – create new business!

We’re great at building business websites, creating brochures, delivering a marketing communications piece, because we find out what the client’s needs are and partner with them to find the best way to achieve what they need within their budget.  You might need an email marketing campaign, a designer website, or better search engine results!  We can help.  Perhaps it’s time to update your company’s branding.  We are bursting with fresh ideas that can help your business stand apart from the rest.

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