Branding is Powerful!

You’ve had the same brand for years. Why should you update it?

A brand is a powerful business tool that should express what people believe and feel about your business, its products and services. Your brand identity helps you to stand out from your competitors. It represents what makes you different. Your brand, whether fresh or outdated, sits in the minds of your customers.

What comes to mind when people think of your company? Hopefully, your brand is doing a great job – representing your business as you want it to be represented. But what if it isn’t?

Time for a Brand Update!

Are you using old-fashioned manual typewriters? Is your business furniture from the 1950’s? Hopefully not!

As your business evolves over time, so does your workplace procedures/jobs. As your company evolves, so should your marketing!

In a competitive business climate, your brand needs to progress with the times! Good branding can be the difference between a customer contacting your business or a competitors! Good branding says your business is moving forward – a mover and shaker, not an old-fashioned, outdated has-been fit only to be put out to pasture! Branding should represent what makes your company different and should make clear why  your company is a better choice than your competitors.

Update Branding and Your Website to Match

While your branding may have been good over the years, it could be that it needs a face-lift to freshen it up! The design team at Jellyhaus can create an updated brand that will better represent your company as it is now, while being recognizable/familiar to your customers.

With the new branding, your business might need an updated website that reflects the updated branding and your business model. We believe it is important to gain a good understanding of your business so that we are then able to design the perfect brand/branding expression of your business. At Jellyhaus, our aim is to compliment what your business does, by providing the right tools and platform to help your business be more successful.

Whether you are an established company or a new company that needs branding, the experienced team at Jellyhaus are ready to help.

About Jellyhaus

Jellyhaus is a web design and build creative agency, based in the Midlands, Warwickshire; not far from Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon and Coventry. We use custom code with WordPress CMS and Woo Commerce and work with global, national and local companies for digital, branding, website design and build, custom software solutions (Jellyhaus Enterprise Software Programs) and projects.

As well as websites, Jellyhaus also designs and builds advertising tools like animated web banners, and adverts (advertising), blogs and third party sites.

Give us a call to discuss your project and for a detailed quote.