Jellyhaus designed the RSVP on-site feature area branding at Single Market Events.

We’re no ordinary website design agency

Any website design agency will say they can build you a company website, but will that agency understand the implications and importance of what your business does and how to communicate that on your website in a way that will attract business to you?  

Creative Concepts and Concept Relevancy

We think differently because we draw from years of designing events for different industries.  We constantly think outside the box – searching for the quirky, unusual things that draws people’s attention.  It’s part of the people we have become – literally part of our DNA!

From designing concepts on paper to transposing them into a feature areas, we have years of experience learning how to target concepts.  We draw from an innate ability to see the bigger picture, to see concept relevancy as we work down the hierarchy of a company’s products and services – in today’s innovative trend-led market.  We know which trends work in creative concepts.

We can help your business reach a specific sector – by tailoring your offering to a specific target audience.  Asking the open-ended questions is all part of the process in identifying what underpins a business and how that business needs to communicate through its supply chain and stakeholders.

Do you know your own business structure?

A larger organisation doesn’t always have a fixed structure; an existing structure can be complicated or in a state of flux!  At Jellyhaus, we identify your current business focus, while remaining flexible enough to realise that there might be changes in that structure.  While it’s important that we understand your business’ existing structure, it’s also important that we are able to communicate your business’ future objectives going forward.

If you have a project in mind – see for yourself why businesses return again and again to Jellyhaus!