Responsible Business Exhibition Direct Marketing

Business in the Community partnered with UBM to set up a new Responsible Business event.  The event was one of the first national UK live events to showcase; volunteering schemes, charitable giving and community projects for B2B CSR programmes?  The aim of the Responsible Business Exhibition was to provide the ideal environment for businesses, charities and social enterprises to interact and network with each other.

The organiser – UBM, a FTSE 250 media company and long term Jellyhaus client – staged similar exhibitions in Brazil, India and the USA as part of its CSR activity: replicating what they do in business to help the wider community. A UBM goal – and Jellyhaus was asked for creative delivery – to build communication across the private and voluntary sectors and to help facilitate them working together towards mutually beneficial goals.  At the London exhibition UBM ‘donated’ furnished exhibition stands to participating charities and social enterprises.

Jellyhaus designed and established a house style and brand which was implemented across all the event collateral, both from an exhibitor’s, visitor’s and partnership perspective, to support generating visitors, exhibitors and sponsors.

Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network; members work together to tackle a wide range of issues that are essential to creating a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

What Makes A Good House Style and Brand Identity?

One which is aligned with your business, your marketing strategy and your objectives.  If you’re setting up a new product or service or refreshing an existing one, your branding has to be aligned with the target market that’s going to be buying from you.  It’s not just about demographics though, it’s also about understanding psychographics (the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles).  Your brand should reflect what and who you, your product or service is all about and be able to communicate that well to the people who are interested in buying from you; embrace changing identities, you don’t have to be tethered and immovable, above all be honest and straightforward.  That way, it’s so much easier for people to understand your services and products when they are not disguised in the use of old fashioned buzz words!

Diagnose Design Deliver

Jellyhaus and the team take the time and passion to really understand your business and your requirements, using the three key principles; diagnose, design and deliver.  We diagnose, so we look at what your business does, what you’re trying to achieved, who you want to talk to and understand the business’s structure, commercial strategy and specific requirements, before we begin the design process.  Once we understand the core values of the company, we will design options and work with you to define the house style and branding to reflect the business, or a new campaign being launched/refreshed.

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